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Functional characteristics of electric door components
Publisher:admin Add time:2015/11/4 Browse number:181
When electric door leaf to complete a opened and closed, the workflow is as follows: inductive probe detected there is someone that is coming, the pulse signal to the main controller, main controller judges notice motor running, while monitoring the motor speed, to inform the motor in certain time afterburner and enter slow running.
Electric shift door unit is made of the following parts:
Main controller: it is electric door command center, through the internal have compiled the program instructions in a large scale integrated block, a corresponding command. Command motor or electric lock system; at the same time, people through the main controller adjust its doors opening speed, open the amplitude parameters.
Door track: like the train tracks, go round the doors sling restraint system, make its in a particular direction.
Sensor probe: be responsible for the acquisition of external signals, like people's eyes, when moving objects into its scope of work, it will give the main controller a pulse signal; power motor: provide open the door and active force, electric door control acceleration and deceleration operation.
Synchronous belt (some manufacturers using the triangle belt): for the transmission of the motor power, traction doors sling go round system. Main parts function of electric shift door
The doors sling go round system: for suspension flow doors, while power traction drive door operation. After running a certain current motor do run forward, the dynamic force is transmitted to a synchronous belt, again by the synchronous belt to transmit the power to the spreader system to open the door and window; leaf after opening by the controller decision making, such as the door needs to be closed, notify the motor reverse, closed the door.