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The height of electric door should accord with visual aesthetic view
Publisher:admin Add time:2015/11/4 Browse number:175
The architectural style is determined by the aesthetic feeling of the building itself, and the electric door is just a foil. But choose a beautiful shape, color harmony, moderate height of electric door as a foil, tend to produce icing on the cake, the effect that make the finishing point. Along with the progress of the times, the defense function of the door of the unit is gradually degraded, the place outside the door is no longer a private space, but the flowers and trees and the human landscape as the ornament. Imbi, unit of the door is often used electric door not closed the door, rolling gate, the purpose is to keep the gate permeability. Electric door height exceeds a certain limit, it will lose the permeability and beautiful effect, contrary to the original intention and intention to install electric door.
Observation of a person, Chinese have a saying, "look far near the foot, not near the waist watch". Enjoy an electric door products, but also from far to near, then standing in the near vicinity taste carefully.
Far from the height of the electric door to see whether the overall style of the building, the surrounding natural environment and human landscape harmony.
Look: observe the electric door of the shape, material, color is novel and beautiful, but also to observe whether the product is stable and smooth, there is no noise.
Not far not near: observation the height of the electric door and the height of the gatehouse is in line with the golden section proportion, there is no proportionally to the senses. According to the electric door product has its own characteristics and people's aesthetic habit, neither needs looking up, also need not overlooking, only HUD can catch a glimpse of the dignity of the visual angle is the most comfortable. And the height of the object can be easily integrated into the visual range of 1.45M, thus avoiding the visual fatigue.