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Decoding electric volume Gate police: the technique is not much to see the business to strengthen prevention
Publisher:admin Add time:2015/11/4 Browse number:170

Recently, Changzhou Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade after more than a month of careful investigation, destroyed a specifically by the decoder decodes the electric rolling gate burglary Gang, arrested three suspects, seized most of the stolen cigarettes, tea, computers and other items.
On December 2, 2011, Changzhou Public Security Bureau received a report of the masses, three new road shops the burglary, theft, stolen away cash, laptop computers, paint and so on a number of items, the total value of 1 million yuan. On December 20 of the same year, Changzhou District, Silver Lake Road, a shop and a burglary, stolen cigarettes, tea, tea sets, computers and other items, the total value of 26 million yuan.
Within a month of the occurrence of these two cases of burglary, there is a same point, the two shops are stolen electric volumes were not destroyed traces. After analysis, Changzhou Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade of the second task force police who believes that this case is likely to be a gang. After a large number of visits and investigations, police were found, in two near the scene of the incident, all have a blue van and after committing the crime to Cenxi direction. According to the clues, the Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade two Changzhou police quickly locked the suspect hiding in Cenxi.
On February 3, 2012 in the morning, the police task force in Cenxi City Gui Zhen Yi will suspect Liang x arrested, and in its place seized cigarettes, wood carving, tea sets, tea and other stolen goods group. The next day, the police task force continuous combat, in Cenxi, Nandu Town, the two other suspects Qin Liang X and Tan Yu * captured, and seized stolen a number of.
According to the suspects confessed that they have a combination of the use of the online purchase of the decoder, specifically for the electric rolling gate of the road and the shops. Through the Capitol in advance, trailing tracing, respectively in December 2011 2, and 20, using decoder to unlock the door of crime, the proceeds of crime booty stolen goods.
At present, the three suspects have been under criminal detention, the case is still under further investigation.
Police investigators said that the use of the decoder to decode the electric volume gate, burglary roadside shops that the crime means before this is not much. Recommended shops in the memory of a large amount of valuable items should be enhanced to strengthen the prevention, in addition to the entrance of the gate, the best installation of a camera, a simple alarm and other anti-theft device