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Electric rolling gate installation note
Publisher:admin Add time:2015/11/4 Browse number:164
Electric metal rolling gate, mainly by the motor, transmission device, scroll and Volume gate, which is characterized by the driving device is composed of the active gear, the gear and the driven gear, the gear on the motor shaft, driven gear on the shaft, the transmission block with the device at the end of the transmission plate, the other end of the reel is fixed on the end plate, bearing seat by screw fixed on the end plate, the motor on the limited position controller.
A gate, installed in the door when some matters needing attention:
(1) the location of the installation should be correct;
(2) try to shorter wireless emission sensor between the host and the distance, reduce and reinforced concrete wall and electrical appliances and other interferences between the host;
(3) the location of the installation of a wireless transmitter sensor must be avoided by the water or moisture;
(4) after the installation is good, the receiving antenna is pulled out.
Two. The method of installing the magnetic flux gate:
(1) metal magnet: should be installed gate volume moves up and down in the bottom and on the ground of the metal steel pipe installation corresponding;
(2) metal steel reed: installed in the ground and metal magnets corresponding to the distance between them, not more than 2 cm;
(3) wireless emission sensor with metal steel reed pipe is connected between, the location to install in the distance to the host range of communication, signal lines should be installed along the ground.