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Seven precautions for safe use of automatic doors
Publisher:admin Add time:2015/11/4 Browse number:164
Six precautions for safe use of automatic doors:
, in order by automatic doors, please don't when the door is closed or door to close force through automatic door, ensure the door open volume more than one space through the automatic door.
Two, do not jam the automatic door, automatic door not collision or damage, automatic doors and door equipment.
Three, height 1.2 meters below the children, the elderly and disabled persons with disabilities in the guardian to help with the help of an automatic door.
Four, do not stay in the automatic door long time, automatic door do not put any obstacles.
Five, automatic door in the automatic induction state, please don't in the induction area as well as automatic mouth long stay.
Six, the power can be manually to the two side to push the automatic door. Automatic door failure or emergency shut down power automatic door, automatic door open manual.
Seven, please in automatic door fixed glass door, glass door activity post eye-catching signs (such as company name, company logo etc.) to avoid collision automatic glass doors.